Gesellschaft für Bioengineering von
    Oberflächen, Sensorik und Analytik mbH
  Modification and Immobilisation of Biomolecules / Synthesis of Linker / Spacer  
  Bio De Tek has an expertise to immobilise biomolecules on inert surfaces through patented
Photo Technology. We synthesise the necessary heterobifunctional linker molecules, which
can be bound to the inert surfaces (glas, organic or inorganic polymers,metals etc.) through photoactivation. A variety of organic molecules or biomolecules (Polypeptides, Lipids,
Carbohydrates, Nucleosides etc.) can in turn be fixed on these modified inert surfaces,
a procedure that finds immense potential in diagnostic and related fields. In one of the project
we biotinylated 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D-3 on custom demand or modified Bovine Serum Albumin
with a photoactive bifunctional linker.
  Organic Synthesis (Custom Synthesis)  
  Bio De Tek is not only engaged in the manufacture of special biomolecules, but also in custom
synthesis for organic intermediates. We are specialised in the synthesis of complex organic
compounds of which some are listed in the attached file. The activities in this field have been
expanded to provide compounds for research which are not available in any other fine chemicals catalogue. Our product range is very wide, although we are specially experienced in the research, development and small scale manufacture of enantiomerically pure compounds. In this field
different technologies are in place at Bio De Tek, for e.g. different chiral resolution technologies,
chiral pool synthesis, ex carbohydrates, amino acids, hydroxy acids, alkaloids, terpenes,
steroids and biotransformation technology.
  Contract Research and Development Services  
  We have been engaged in research and development projects with universites , institutes
and industries on contract basis in the field of organic synthesis and surface modifications.
We also offer recherche and consulting capabilities in the field of organic synthesis.
  High Performance Liquid Chromatography  
  Although not on regular basis ,we offer this service for challenging problems when asked for.  
  Trade of Chemicals and Related Products  
  We are in touch with good laboratories around the world for the supply of dye and dye
simple laboratory chemicals, herbal products, plant extracts oils. flavours, essences, natural
food and health suppliments.
  Seperation of Pure Products from Plant-Extracts  
  We often deal with the plant extracts, where on demand we isolate pure products.
Recently we have started supplying pure trans-Resveratrol in Kilogramme scale.
  • Amino Alcohols ( free and protected )
  • Oxazolidones
  • Amino Acids Esters
  • Amino Acids Amides
  • Protected Amino Acids ( Boc-, Cbz-, and others )
  • Protected Amino Acids Esters ( Boc-, Cbz-, and others )
  • Small Protected Peptides
  • Unnatural Amino Acids ( free and protected )
  • Monosaccharides with a large variety of different
    protecting groups
  • Desoxy-Monosaccharides
    • Nucleosides
    • Glycosides
  • Unsaturated Monosaccharides
  • Anhydrosugars
  • Glycosides
  • Nucleosides
  • Simple Protected Di-saccharides
  Experience in  
  • Glycosidation-reactions
  • Nucleoside Chemistry
  • Chiral Building Blocks from Carbohydrates
  • Steroid Chemistry
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Vitamin D modifications
  • Stable isotope substituted metabolites with Deuterium, N15 und O18
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