Gesellschaft für Bioengineering von
    Oberflächen, Sensorik und Analytik mbH
  Dr. Vibhuti Klingler-Dabral  


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry- Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, India
Synthesis of New Antifertility Agents
  Work Experience   
  1974-1977 Research Associate, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Photochemistry of Dibenzoylalkenes and Epoxides 
  1977-1979 Lecturer, Meerut College Meerut, India
Chemistry of Natural Products, Reaction Mechanisms etc.  
  1979-1982 Scientist at National Chemical Laboratory Pune, India
Synthesis of Optically Active Oxiranes
Synthetic Transformations in Nucleosides  
  1982 German Language Course at Goethe Institute Freiburg, Germany 
  1982-1984 Scientific Exchange Programme, Technical University Darmstadt,
Darmstadt, Germany
Attempts towards the synthesis of Calotropa Cardenolides 
  1985-1987 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Clemson University Clemson,
South Carolina, USA 
Asymmetric Induction in Organocopper Conjugate Addition
Reactions-Ligand Synthesis

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Synthesis of the Hydrindene- Unit of Avermectins and Milbimycins
  1988 German Language Course at INLINGUA, Frankfurt/M, Germany 
Fachhochschule, Darmstadt, Germany
  1989-1990 Scientific Co-Worker University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany 

University of Berne, Berne, Switzerland
European Molecular Biology Organisation Fellow
Photoimmobilization of Biomolecules on Inert Surfaces and
It’s Applications-Ligand Synthesis
  1990-1996 Family Interval 
  1996-Contd. Establishing the Company- BIODETEK GMBH, Managing Director

Contract base synthesis and analysis of ligands for immobilizations
of biomolecules on inert surfaces

Synthesis of a wide range of diverse organic molecules for universities,
institutes and industries
    The List of Publications further illustrate the specific fields of search,
main and co- authors of publications, investigation areas of patents
and patent identity.
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